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  Apple symbolizes health and vitality (" Apple for lunch - and not all diseases "), youth, love , marriage and spring.
  In European painting the apple symbolizes the fall of man. And if it holds the Christ Child - it is an allusion to his future mission as Redeemer. If an apple in his mouth monkey , it has a similar meaning. Golden Apples of the Hesperides are personified attribute Vigilance and harpies that accompany personalized Miser. Also it - attribute binding. Dorothea
  The European tradition (but not the original text of the Bible ) says apple - the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil , so his image was very common. Fall is one of the most popular stories of medieval paintings. Later , during the Renaissance, became popular picturesque scenes on ancient motifs - judgment of Paris and the twelve labors of Hercules - "apples of the Hesperides."
  Mythological and folk stories associated with apples, used in many works of painting and sculpture ( judgment of Paris , the fall of Eve , apples of the Hesperides ) , as well as literary and musical works ( drama by Friedrich Schiller , " William Tell ," the opera by Rossini and others)
  According to some studies , eating apples can reduce the risk of bowel cancer , prostate and lung. Compared with other fruits and vegetables apples contain not much vitamin C, but it is rich in other antioxidants.
  Apple fiber , although it is less than in most other fruits , stimulates peristalsis, which may reduce the risk of cancer. Fiber can also be useful for the prevention of heart disease , weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Apple seeds contain a poisonous glucoside amygdalin.